Who we are: Management and Development for Health (MDH) was incorporated in August 19th, 2009 as an indigenous Tanzanian non-Governmental Organization focusing primarily on public health service and research in the United Republic of Tanzania and subsequently registered under NGO Registrar as a local NGO at national level, Mainland, Tanzania. It is also registered in Zanzibar

Our History: MDH’s history dates as far back as 2004 when several institutions worked together, supported by the USA government to establish the comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and service program in Tanzania in response to an emerging and devastating HIV epidemic. After successful completion of the Phase 1, it was resolved for sustainability and continuity purpose, to form not for profit, autonomous and non-partisan local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO hence establishment of the MDH. MDH is operating at grassroot and national level with governments, communities, international organizations, national organization, higher learning institution, research organizations and other stakeholders. Since its foundation, MDH has grown tremendously from a team of 54 staff managing one HIV care and treatment program in Dar es Salaam to over 250 experts of various disciplines addressing several public health priorities on HIV, TB, malaria, Non Communicable Disease, maternal, neonatal and child health, laboratory services, health system strengthening, public health research and education, food security, human resource for health, support public methadone services and other public health priority areas across all regions of Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar to realize its vision and mission.

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