Remembering Dr.Guerino Chalamilla.


It is with deep grief to lose our CEO,Dr.Guerino Chalamilla on November 6th,2015. Dr.Chalamilla touched all of our lives in so many ways. Kindly share your best memories, thoughts, and feelings about Dr.Chalamilla.

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Tributes and Condolences

Lost a great colleague!
Condolences! We were shocked to receive such news !we truly have lost a great colleague!! He will be remembered for his great leadership and humble spirit. Please inform us where last respects will be. Regards,
Neema Rusibamayila

Short of words!
We are short of words but leave it to the Almighty. Please know that you are not alone in this but THPS is with you and we pray that God gives his family and you all strength to go through this unimaginable pain. Indeed it is a loss not only to you but also the country and the Public health world. We will see you at his house.

May the Almighty Rest His Souls in Peace.
Redempta on behalf of the THPS team.

Served the people of Tanzania tirelessly and effectively
It was with great sadness that I learned earlier today of the untimely death of Dr. Guerino Chalamilla. Although I did not know Dr. Chalamilla personally, I feel as though I know him professionally from regular reports about his work that I heard from my colleagues Jorge Dominguez and David Hunter. Professors Dominguez and Hunter had high praise for Dr. Chalamilla. In helping to create MDH and AAPH, and in managing them so effectively, Dr. Chalamilla served Harvard very well. More importantly, he served the people of Tanzania tirelessly and effectively. I know that he will be missed, by many of my colleagues here at Harvard, and by many more of the people whose lives he touched in Tanzania.

Please give my most sincere condolences to his family and to the board members and staff members of MDH and AAPH.

Alan M. Garber

Shocked by the news!
I am simply shocked by news of Dr Chalamila's passing! Poleni sana It is a brutal reminder of our mortality! Please convey my sincere condolences to family and all.

Dr Kenneth Lema

A man loved by all!
I am shocked and very saddened by your news. Dr Chalamilla was a man beloved by all who met him, and at Harvard we held him in the highest esteem. I remember meeting him first in one of the PEPFAR clinics and was struck by his warm and humble manner, and his obvious dedication to serving all the needs of his patients. I watched him assume ever more responsibility over the years, and build both MDH and AAPH into leading institutions we are all so proud of. In my experience he was a unique leader, showing by example and with quiet determination how to move mountains in the service of others.

Please convey my deepest condolences and sympathy to all members of the MDH and AAPH teams, and to Dr Chalamilla’s family and friends. I hope that when I am in Dar in January we will have the occasion to remember him together.

In deepest sadness,
David Hunter

Tremendous commitment to public health
I am very sorry to hear this unexpected and devastating news. Though I met Dr Chalamilla only once, earlier this year at the AAPH convening in Dar, I will not forget his warmth, gentle spirit, and tremendous commitment to public health and the people of Tanzania.

Please pass on my deepest condolences to Dr Chalamilla's family and to the MDH team. We will keep all in our thoughts at this very sad time.
Dr Roshini Moodley Naidoo

Blessed to have known him personally!
My heart hurts for the loss, what a shock, what a horrible tragedy.

If MDH decides to create a fund in his memory, please let me know as I would like to donate. If I had my way I would be on the next plane out to pay my respects in person. Please know I am with you all in spirit, I am so deeply blessed to have known him personally, to have worked alongside him, to have been a part of his adventure in the nonprofit world of Tanzania - May God bring him home without delay and may God hold his family, friends and colleagues close as they grieve this loss.

With admiration, love and hugs for all my friends at MDH!
Vickie Monta

Great leader!!!
Hearing about the loss of Dr.Chalamila is a great shock and has deeply saddened us, but we know that this is far from what you are going through right now. I recall meeting him in his capacity as CEO about two years ago when we were exploring another opportunity.

When we came to visit you this time you had mentioned that he was in India for treatment but I didn't think it was that serious.

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficulty times. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to you all as you mourn the loss of your CEO and great leader as well as to his family. We are grateful that you were able to respond to us. Once again our deepest sympathies. Poleni Sana.

Gloria Sangiwa on behalf of the MSH team.

Lucky to know him!
Please share with his family my feelings of great respect and admiration for the life and work of Dr Chalamilla. I was very lucky to know him and was privileged to learn so much from him. Dr Chalamilla is an incredible leader whom we shall dearly miss. My heartfelt condolences to the MDH team.

May his soul rest in peace.

Mohamed Osman.

Sad news
We are very sad to hear this news. Please extend our condolences to Dr. Chalamilla’s family and to all MDH staff.

Fernando Morales

Inspiration to many!
The Pathfinder family is deeply saddened by this news. Dr. Chalamilla was an inspiration to many of us, as was his thoughtfulness and consideration. Dr. Chalamilla has left behind a huge legacy through the remarkable team of people he gathered around him at MDH, through all the people whose lives he touched and saved, and through his dedication. We can only imagine the depth and magnitude of the loss all of you at MDH must feel. Please accept our sincere condolences and do keep in touch about plans.
Mustafa Kudrati

Deeply mourned by all of us…..
What horrible news! I am shocked and so sad! He will be deeply mourned by all of us in the Karolinska Team who knew him as brilliant leader and wonderful person. Warm regards to his family

Anna Mia Ekström, Professor

What a loss! What a sad event! I feel so grieved even when our interfacing were not all that deep.i always looked forward to a first board meeting with him, but, Alas! That was not to be. My heartiest condolences to the staff and the family. Please keep me posted of the funeral proceedings and the venue! Joseph

Joseph Rugumyamheto.

Poleni sana!
Can you please pass on to all the staff of MDH and to the family of Dr. Chalamilla my extreme sadness to learn of his passing in India. I know you must all be so shocked and heartbroken, as am I. If I was there, I would certainly attend his funeral. Please know I am thinking of all of you from here where I am with my own family in California. Rest assured that we will support you through this process on the work side of things.

Michelle Roland

We lost a leader .
It is very sad news to hear the passing of Dr Chalamilla. Indeed we just lost a leader, a mentor and a friend, and we will truly miss him. Please extend my condolences to Dr Chalamilla’ s family and to the MDH’s management team. Stay strong!

Patricie Niyitegeka

A patriot who sought to serve his country
I am deeply saddened by the news of Dr. Chalamilla’s passing.

I met him in my role as Harvard vice provost, appointed by the University to chair the Boards of MDH and AAPH. I worked with him during my visits to Dar es Salaam, at Harvard, and over many telephone and email exchanges. The path to the creation of MDH and AAPH was long, complex, and never easy.

Throughout those years, Dr. Chalamilla remained focused and committed to succeed at the transition, from a Harvard undertaking administered in Tanzania, to a project led by talented and dedicated people in Tanzania, and from other countries in Africa, to better serve those in need of clinical services, especially with regard to HIV/AIDS, through MDH, and to foster the creation of useful new knowledge both through MDH and AAPH. He was patient, skillful, creative, and visionary. We became good friends.

I admired him for many reasons, as a human being, as a professional, as a man pledged to service to others and, to invoke an old-fashioned word, as a patriot who sought to serve his country and its people, and who did so effectively, successfully, and honorably.

Please pass on these comments to his family and to others at MDH/AAPH.

Professor Jorge Domínguez

Blessed to have been mentored and worked with him…..
When I received the news of Dr Chalamilla passing, I was terribly shocked to lose such a person who has helped us in our life’s journey. Dr Chalamilla was very proud and content with our progress. I hope, even with his loss we will be able to further his work professionally with confidence and thus honor and cherish his life. It is a gift to have had a mentor like Dr Chalamilla. God gave me an opportunity to work with him for 10 years. He taught, mentored and guided me through my professional career. He has contributed significantly the way I am today. I will always value his input into my life. I can't imagine how much we will miss him. Hopefully all the knowledge he passed onto us, will guide us into a prosperous future. If we have doubts, I hope we will ask ourselves, “What advice would he have given us?” We’ll find the answers within us. Even when Dr Chalamilla is lost to us, he will stay with us in our souls and help us along if we only let him. We will not despair as we had a great start with him and be able to chart our path to success with the knowledge he bestowed upon us. It is stated, Good people pass away; the godly often die before their time. But no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come. For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace when they die. Isaiah 57:1-2. I believe our dear brother and mentor Dr Chalamilla is resting in eternal peace and we will meet once again.

Irene Andrew Lema, MDH Staff

May his soul rest in peace
I have recently learned of the passing of Dr. Chalamilla. I am very sorry to hear the news. I want to share my condolence with you and all those who where close to Dr. Chalamilla. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the entire MDH family during this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace. Regards,

Emily Rose Smith

We will always miss you!
I have had the pleasure of leading CDC Tanzania for the last 4 years. One of the things that brings the most pride and satisfaction to us is the development, growth and success of CDC Tanzania’s local implementing partners. Under Dr. Chalamilla’s leadership, MDH has truly flourished. I know we all expected to have long relationships and plenty of time to work together and share our mutual respect and gratitude. Times like these bring us such a deep sense of loss – and at the same time, profound appreciation.

We will always miss you.

Michelle Roland, MD
CDC Tanzania Country Director

Life at MDH will not be the same without him……
Dear MDH team, thank you for the opportunity for me to offer you a few thoughts, prayers and well wishes during this dark side of your life. I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of Dr Chalamila. Indeed you have lost a great leader, a CEO , friend and colleague. For me at CDC, Dr Chalamila was a partner, collaborator, a friend , a colleague and a senior competent physician who provided a good example to many junior medical doctors in and outside the country. He was a wonderful man, with humble and optimistic attitude. Life at MDH will not be the same without him but remember that death is not only the end of physical life but the beginning of eternal life. May God give him eternal rest. And to MDH family may God give you all the strength to bear the great pain. May fond memories of him bring you comfort during this difficult time in your life. Stay strong and keep his legacy. My most sincere condolences!

Kwaheri and RIP Dr Chalamila.

Dr Deborah G. Carpenter, MD, MPH

His professional advice and directives will always live with me in mind and soul……
I feel extremely sad and devastated on the sudden demise of Dr. Guerino Chalamilla. I have once been a part of the MDH program on its initial stages and I believe the current MDH strength and progress is like a wish come true to him. Working under the supervision of Dr. Chalamilla was a growing opportunity for me and I cannot justify my professional success without mentioning his valuable contribution. He has always been a very good supervisor, with great sense of humor. When I was with the program and even out of it, to me he was a superior, a teacher. a mentor, referee, a coach and a friend. His professional advice and directives will always live with me in mind and soul. I can imagine the state of mind that the MDH team has and I also understand that no words or deeds can console his family, friends and coworkers. However, I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love, decisions and actions leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their life with us.

When something like this happens, it's easy to get discouraged. I am praying for the encouragement to both the family and workmates to overcome this difficulty. May God be with you now, as you face this time of grief, I pray to God to be your strength and guidance. When your soul is deeply pained, no matter what you may go through, God’s love for you remains.

Eternal rest grant unto them, o Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

In sorrow but with God’s enduring love, He will always be remembered.

With sincere sympathy

Eva H. Marealle.

Great leader and a friend……
We express our sincere sorrow and profound grief on the untimely passing of a great leader and a friend - Dr Chalamilla We express our deepest condolences and sympathy to his family and staff of MDH
May the Lord give his family the strength to overcome this challenge and celebrate the life well lived.

Joseph Sheffu | Country Managing Partner

R.I.P Dr. Pole nyingi kwa familia yake na familia ya MDH.

Meksesius Kalinga.

Dr.Chalamilla ndiye alifanya hadi leo hii wawe na matumaini tena ya kuishi………..
Napenda kutoa salaam zangu za pole nyiiiingi mnooo kwa mke, watoto, familia, ndugu marafiki na wafanyakazi wenzake na dr. chalamilla napoandika message hii machozi yananitoka na siamini kama dr. chalamilla hatuko nae leo duniani, siamini kabisa, dr. chalamilla aliletwa hapa duniani na mwenyezi mungu kwa ajili ya kuja kupenda watu kuhurumia watu na kiwapa kila alichojaliwa nacho kutoka kwa mungu ili aweza kuwaudumia kwa upando wagonjwa wake

Mimi nilimfahamu huyu dr. baada ya kuwa na wagonjwa watatu katika ukoo wangu wakiwa wapepatwa na HIV. na ni dr. chalamilla ndiye alifanya hadi leo hii wawe na matumaini tena ya kuishi hapa chini ya jua. kwa upendo na huruma yake ya kupenda wagonjwa wa aina yoyote awe masikini, tajiri yeye alikuwa mteja wake bila kubagua.

mimi napoandika msg hii nipo mkoani shinyanga kikazi na sina hakika kuwa dr. ameshazikwa au msiba wake uko wapi. ningependa kupata taarifa za msiba kama hajawekwa kwenye nyumba yake ya milele ili niweze kuwaelekeza ndugu zangu walioko DSM ambao ni wagonjwa wake ili nao waweze kuhudhuria mazishi ya mpendwa wao.


Rehema Kimanyo

Will forever remain in my hearts……
I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to his family and MDH staff as whole Remembering his wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in my hearts. May his soul rest in peace.

Emmanuel Millinga

The best boss I have ever had ……..
I have just learned with a great deal of sorrow about the sudden death of Dr. Guerino Chalamilla. It has made me very sad. I want to tell you how sorry I am. Please remember that I am praying for Dr. Chalamilla family and entire MDH family in this difficult time

This is really sad and a great loss indeed to all of us who have had contact with him. Dr Guerino Chalamilla was a very pleasant and accommodating personality. Dr. Guerino was a great man to work with. He was always professional and pleasant and a big heart full of smile.. He will be missed!

I met Dr.Chalamila ten years ago and when I joined MDH, I real enjoyed worked in the team, he had good quality of leadership, which helped most of us at MDH to grow professionally. Over the years, my relationship developed from boss and employee to mentor and mentee. I'm going to miss having him around to ask questions and get guidance.He taught me so much in those early days and I will never forget him. I will always treasure the moment I have worked with him and under him as my Boss, "You were the best boss I have ever had". I feel privileged and fortunate to know you professionally as a young Clinician.

I am hereby extending my heartfelt condolence to the family and the MDH staff. Your valued contribution to the Health development will remain for ever.

Goodbye Dr. G. Chalamilla, my friend, brother and my former boss; the boss I have ever had. We loved You but God loved You Most!

May Your Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

Bwana Ametoa na Bwana ametwaa Jina la Bwana Lihimidiwe!!

Wapendwa hamna maneno kuelezea about Dr Chalamilla but Poleni sana, Mungu atutie nguvu!

Dr. Mary Mwalla.

He inspired and motivated me…..
I worked for MUHAS - Harvard Collaborative Research Project back in 2004 to 2007 where by then it was known as HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Program while Dr. Chalamilla was a Field Coordinator based at IDC (Infectious Disease Centre). Then as The Deputy Country Director of the Harvard PEPFAR Program for the HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Program under the MUHAS-Dar City-Harvard collaboration. Then I was transferred to work on this project that he was leading.

I remember going to his office to ask permission to develop my career of which he was very happy that I wanted to move my career further from where I was and pursue my Degree Program in Human Resources Management on evening session.

He inspired and motivated me and he was following up on my progress and when I finished, he was there once again to comfort me and I remember one day he told me that for the effort that I put in developing my skills one day I will be in the position that I dreamt of. He motivated me to apply and when I got the post of HRO at MUHAS - Harvard Collaborative Project it was the start of my career. He called me in his Office and personally Congratulate me for the appointment and say goodbye as it was time for me to leave MDH and join once again MUHAS - Harvard Collaboration Research Project.

It is so sad that he left us too soon. May his soul rest in eternal peace. He is the Great Boss ever. He will always have a special place in my heart.


Erick W.E. Mghamba

Sorry to hear about this…..
The pain of loss is something that none can escape, but you don’t have to go through is alone. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy for your loss. We are really sorry to hear about this,

May God be with you in this difficult time.

He inspired and motivated me and he was following up on my progress and when I finished, he was there once again to comfort me and I remember one day he told me that for the effort that I put in developing my skills one day I will be in the position that I dreamt of. He motivated me to apply and when I got the post of HRO at MUHAS - Harvard Collaborative Project it was the start of my career. He called me in his Office and personally Congratulate me for the appointment and say goodbye as it was time for me to leave MDH and join once again MUHAS - Harvard Collaboration Research Project.

Fredrick Mgovano

Farewell Dr. Chalamilla………….
I have known and worked with Dr. Chalamilla (RIP) ever since he was working at IDC/STD clinic (near Traffic Police). At the time our organisation was supporting a study on the sensitivity to antibiotics of Neisseria gonorrhoea strains from STD patients in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (1993). It was during this study that, tetracycline then a drug of choice for treatment of gonorrhoea, was determined to be ineffective. The study results contributed to the change in treatment guidelines for gonorrhoea in the country.

“We are all flowers in the garden of God. He plucks us at His own time to decorate His everlasting Kingdom”.

Farewell Dr. Chalamilla, my dear friend and rest in eternal peace.

Kind regards,


Really shocked and saddened…….
I am writing to share my sadness about the loss of a dear friend. My sincere condolences to the whole team. I just came back from a trip upcountry today when I received the sad news. I am really shocked and saddened. Just can not believe that he won’t be around anymore with his quiet voice and brilliant mind. My thoughts are with you.

Thomas Finkbeiner

A profound loss……..
It is with tears of grief I write in the memory of Dr Chalamilla. However it is with pride I say he was a gifted with listening ears, with heart big enough to accommodate anyone who sought his help. He was my mentor, guided my career and academic path of my dreams that I never thought I could ever achieve. Dr Chalamilla had faith in what I could not see was possible, made me realize the sky was never a limit in public health sciences. I am honoured to be among people whose lives you touched, whose dreams you had made into reality. Your legacy will always remain. It will be carried within hundreds and thousands of people you touched. Your death is not only a personal blow but national and international loss.

Best regards, Theodora Mbunda, MDH staff

He will remain as an ICON
We are so sorry about the passing of Dr. Chalamila. PASADA has received the news with great sorrow. He will remain as an ICON as far as the fight of HIV in Dar es Salaam is concerned. Poleni Sana.

Daniel Magesa

Inspired by Dr Chalamilla’s legacy……
I am writing to express, on behalf of everyone at Pepal, my sincere and heartfelt condolences for the loss of Dr Guerino Chalamilla. Although I knew Dr Chalamilla only for a brief period, I was immediately struck by his vision, humility, passion and willingness to embrace new partners and ideas. It is because of Dr Chalamilla's openness that we have been able to start NJIA and I know of few other leaders who would have welcomed us with such warmth and enthusiasm.

I can only begin to imagine the enormous loss felt by you and everyone at MDH who has worked so closely with Dr Chalamilla to build MDH into the organization it is today. Inspired by Dr Chalamilla’s legacy, I am confident that MDH’s staff and management will continue the work he so loved and MDH will grow from strength to strength, building on the vision, values and strong foundations created by its inspirational founder, Dr Guerino Chalamilla.

With all our deepest sympathies

Julie and the Pepal team

Late Dr.Guerino Chalamilla
Dr. Chalamilla was a Medical Doctor specializing in Dermatology and STIs. He had over 25 years of experience in clinical work and research and had been a coordinator, researcher, and administrator in various projects and programs under Dar es Salaam City Council’s Health Department. Those projects included STIs management, Adolescence Sexual Reproductive Health, Home Based Care intervention and HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment. His consultant work were as a clinician, researcher, trainer and facilitator of different health interventions enables him to better understand not only the clinical, but also the research, project management, and community approaches to public health programs. Since 2004, first as a Field Director and later as The Deputy Country Director of the Harvard PEPFAR Program, Dr. Chalamilla had played a lead role in the HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Program under the MUHAS-Dar City-Harvard collaboration. When MDH-LLC was launched in 2010, he became MDH’s first Chief Executive Officer, a position he held till his demise. In addition to his role as CEO with MDH, Dr. Chalamilla maintained his ties with Harvard School of Public Health as an active Research Associate.